Butterick B5895 and Untangling Knots Hetty

OMG, when was the last time that I posted a finished project here? I have some to show you that I finished about last month but I’ve been too busy to blog about it. Pictures were taken almost four weeks ago but stayed in my hard drive until now just because life is very busy right now. I’m having so much work that after 6 pm I can’t bear to look at the computer save for watching some meaningless series. But fear not, here you have the first set of finished garments.


These are Gertie’s Butterick  B5895 pants. Since I didn’t find the printed pattern close by I bought the PDF from McCallPattern.com and they redirected me to PrintSew.com to download the pattern. Here the nightmare started. They don’t provide a PDF file, but a PDC, which is an encrypted PDF for which you need to install a program, LockLizard, and download a license from PrintSew. I printed the pattern last year after I just bought it, but I didn’t have the chance to sew it until now, and since I misplaced some of the pages, I had to reprint them again. I still had the LockLizard installed on my Mac, but my license did not work anymore, so I had to send an email to PrintSew and wait for them to come back to me the day after. I wanted also to mention that the pattern is 48 freacking pages, 8 of them totally blank, and quite some mostly blank as you can see here:


According to my measurements I should have made a size 12, but after measuring the pattern pieces at the hips and waist I went for a size 8, but I had to make a full inner thighs alteration (as seen on Cation Designs blog), adding 2 cm to each pattern piece (4 in total).


I also shortened the pants around 7 cm and tapered the legs after they were already sewn.


The fit is not bad, but if I don’t pull them up vigorously I get horizontal wrinkles, meaning that the waist is too high, around 2 cm higher than my natural waist. Nothing too surprising, since I have a short torso due to being petite.


I thought I was going to need more space for the bum (as it usually happens) but the stretch cotton sateen helps here and I don’t feel constricted. But look at those wrinkles. I definitely need to shorten this for next time. Well, this is just a wearable muslin.


Even though it’s just a muslin I decided to serge the edges so that I can wear this without fear of it getting disintegrated. The left part of the zipper is a little bit wonky. I should probably interface this next time or just use more wash away quilters tape).


When I started sewing my garments insides were a mess. I take now the effort to make them neat, and with a serger it’s easy peasy.


Pockets are a value added to a pair of pants, even though these feel a bit weird because the waistband sits too high.


And here is another garment I wanted to show you this time. It’s Hetty by Andi Satterlund. I attempted to knit this cardigan just after it was released, almost three years ago, but the recommended yarn was difficult to find in this part of the world, and I just saw it in maroon. No my favorite color but I gave it a try. I failed miserably, it’s not that I fell out of love with the yarn because I never loved it. It’s just that I started hating it…


The result was that I abandoned this project for a very long time. I started it again last year with this pink Cascade 220 but abandoned it again after Gerry left us. Just after the summer I retook it again and finished it at the end of last year. Then we had Christmas and moved to a new apartment, so I didn’t sew buttons until almost two months ago. It’s one of the things I enjoy less, so I tend to procrastinate here. I know, ridiculous.


After all the time it took me to finish this cardigan, I am very happy with the final result and the fit. I had my doubts about what to do with the repeats at the “seams”, but after checking several projects in Ravelry, those parts (sides and where the seam would go on the sleeve) are never perfect, since the pattern repeat is broken by plain stockinette. I was bothered by it at first, but I learned to live with it. It’s just a design feature!

I added two repeats to the sleeves to make them longer, as I always do with Andi’s patterns (my wrists get cold!). The bulge you see on the left one is my watch under the cuff.


Our four lovebirds are often perched on me at the same time but you’ll never see the four very close together, except for Billy and Daisy, because they are a couple since a very tender age. They are very territorial creatures and they tend to have quite a bad temper. I love them anyway and enjoy their cheeky nature.


And I finally solved my lighting issues. There were two issues in fact. First, I should explain that I mainly use two lenses for my photoshoots. I like my 35 mm F1.8 for close shots, like when I want to show a cardigan or a top. It’s a fast lens and I don’t need a lot of light. But for complete body shots I need to use my 18 – 55 mm F3.5-5.6. This lens needs more light so it’s restricted to limited conditions. When using the remote I usually shot in A mode, so that the camera auto adjusts if light conditions change (a cloud at a certain moment). But the last time I used this lens my pictures were very dark. I found out that my camera somehow miscalculates when using this lens, so I decided to shoot everything in manual this day for both lenses. Another issue that I had to correct was the non-uniformity of the light. The photoshoot location in my previous apartment didn’t have this problem, but my current sewing room receives much more direct sunlight and they tend to be dark patches in some places. So I bought this little gadget that folds to a very small size and it seemed to help.




Book review: Silicon Dawn


I was offered a copy of this book in audio format from the narrator in exchange for an honest review.

This story happens 10 years before the events in Silicon Man. The new android model X3000 is successfully been tested in the space colonies but its arrival on Earth will just enhance the already existing conflict headed by the HDL.  If in Silicon Man androids wanted to count with basic rights, here we see a first glimpse of them wanting to be human.

There have been several cybernetists murdered in mysterious circumstances, and all evidence points to the HDL, but the police will need special help to find the murder behind these macabre crimes.

I always enjoy a science fiction thriller with cybernetic touches because sometimes they make you think about the big questions in life. It is amazing how in an under four hours book we could see some many things, the characters evolving and posing quite some deep questions.

Joe Hempel is fantastic as always, and he helps us get sucked by the story. I will definitely enjoy anything narrated by Hempel!

I love the world created by William Massa, and I would like to read more about it, especially if it is narrated by Joe Hempel.

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Book Review: Ren, the Man Behind the Monster


I was provided a copy of this book in audio format by the author in exchange for an honest review.

After reading the Lucidites and the Reverians series I was intrigued by the character of Ren, the bitter dream traveler with a dark past. This book is the answer to our wishes. We witness Ren’s childhood and teenage years before the events happening in the Lucidites. Here we see how Ren’s personality was shaped.

Too powerful for his own good, a tormented soul, but also a coward. He renounced to happiness and became a monster to finally fight against the likes of him.

The book the is narrated in first person and it was a delight to get an insight of one of the brilliant minds of dream travelers, although I had sometimes mixed feelings, not knowing whether I hated or loved him.

But we also get a glimpse of what Ren becomes after the Reverians, and we will discover if he gets the redemption that he needs but does not think he deserves.

Tim Campbell does a fantastic job with this book. I had too look up where he was from, so believable was his British accent. For your information, he is American.

One thing that bothered me a bit towards the end of the book is the constant use of dialog tags. There is barely dialog in the first part, but it increases towards the end, and the constant repetition of ‘he says, she says’ felt a bit artificial.

If you’ve enjoyed the Lucidites and the Reverians series you need to read this book. Ren’s story is beautifully told and Campbell really becomes Ren at narrating this book.


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Book Review: Acheron Highway


I was provided a copy of this book in audio format from the narrator in exchange for an honest review.

This is the second novel belonging to the Jonathan Shade series. This time our private investigator receives the visit of Miranda, a woman whose heart has been stolen by a necromancer. Jonathan is not surprised by this event, since the dead have been raising lately in Denver. The reason behind this is that Persephone, the rule of the Underworld, wants her lover Charon to return to her at all costs, and if Jonathan does not help her, his friends will pay with their lives. Jonathan will also have to see whether Miranda’s case is related to it. He will have to find his motivation back after the affairs that happened six months before.

This book is a lot darker than the previous one. Jonathan will count with the help of his friends again, but his fight here will be much more lonely and most of the time he will have to fight against his own demons. There are quite some twists to the story, some expected and others not, but one thing is sure: this story will not leave you indifferent.

As usual, Gary Jonas has created an exciting quick paced story, full of details and vivid characters. This is not my usual genre but I love the world Jonas has created and the characters in it are unique and full of personality. When I finished the book I was already missing them. I will be listening to the complete series.

Joe Hempel’s narration and style contributes to how exciting these books are. His tone is compelling, he can make voices and he knows how to grab your attention. He truly becomes Jonathan and helps to complete his cheeky personality. Hempel has become one of my favorite narrators in the last months.

This series has been a pleasant surprise for me. As I have said, this is not my usual genre, but these stories have grabbed me from the start, and part of it is thanks to Joe Hempel’s narration.

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Why I’m not (officially) participating in Me Made May (MMM)

The answer is easy: because I’m already wearing me made clothes everyday and for me MMM is an exercise to try and wear handmade clothes and find the gaps in one’s wardrobe. Then you have to add the hassle of taking daily pics and feeling guilty about repeating clothes. I don’t do parties, I don’t have to go to an office everyday. I just work from home and do my routinely grocery shopping, go to pilates class twice a week, and to the vet from time to time. I love sewing vintage dresses, but that’s not what I’m wearing on a daily basis and I have made peace with it a long time ago. I have already found and filled the gaps in my wardrobe. What else do I need?

When I’m at home I need to be comfortable, and I don’t wear my knitted garments because, in case you didn’t know, I’m going to tell you that birds nails felt wool like felting needles, that and the occasional bird dropping I may get on me. I admire Tasha for trying to dress glamorous at home, but that just doesn’t work for me. And not just due to the birds. I need to cook all my meals due to my autoimmune disorder, and then I need to clean up afterwards. Just don’t blame me if I’m wearing my two Carolyn pajama bottoms in heavy rotation.

And off course one of my four Barrie Briefs (planning more):


Then I change clothes when going out, but it’s always to the regular things like the grocery store, the pilates studio, the vet and mundane places like these. If it’s cold you will see me wearing of my knitted sweaters. In the past I would also wear one of my me made pants, but after losing weight they don’t fit anymore, I’ll need to make new ones.

When the weather is a bit less cold I often wear my Ziggi Biker Jacket:


And when the weather finally warms up I’ll be wearing one of my four Lady Skater Dresses, and I’m planning two more as soon as I have the time, since they are ultra comfortable:

Then I can also wear a blouse for a special occasion, and that’s it, really!

My wardrobe may seem boring, but I’m a practical person and I don’t need tons of different clothes; apart from the fact that my life is mostly at home with the birds and the occasional going out to run some errands. I’ll save you the boredom and I’ll save me the hassle, and I’ll just keep on wearing and making what I want, and enjoying other sewists pictures participating in Me Made May.

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